Runway Gen-2 Free

Runway gen-2 is an advanced AI video generation tool developed by RunwayML Research. It allows users to generate novel 4-second videos using text prompts, images, or existing video clips.

Runway Gen-2 Features

1.Text-to-Video 2. Image-to-Video 3. Video-to-Video 4. Advanced Camera Controls 5. Interpolation 6. Upscaling 7. Model Customization (Pro users) 8. Unlimited Video Length (Pro users)

Runway Gen-2 Image To Video

How To Use 1. Upload image(s) to Runway 2. Go to the Gen-2 tool 3. Select "Image to Video" mode at the top 4. Click the "+" icon to add your uploaded image as the prompt 5. (Optional) Adjust advanced camera controls like direction and intensity of motion 6. Click "Generate" 7. Preview and download the 4-second AI-generated video

Runway gen-2 pricing

– It costs $0.05 per 1 second of generated video. – There is a free version with limited monthly credits. – They offer paid monthly plans with allotments of credits: Basic: 125 credits Standard: 500 credits Pro: 2000 credits Unlimited: Unlimited – You can buy more credits if you use up your monthly allotment. – The actual cost per usable 4-second clip is estimated around $0.50 when accounting for unusable generations. – Enterprise pricing requires contacting sales for custom quotes.

Runway Gen-2 Free Alternative

1. Fliki 2. InVideo 3. Kapwing 4. DeepBrain AI 5. Synthesia 6. Heygen 7. Lumen5 8.

Runway Gen-2 Prompt Examples

– Example: a painting of (+) a bowl of fruit. – Example with detail added: a textured historical oil painting of (+) a bowl of fruit on a wooden table in a farmhouse kitchen.

Runway Gen-2 App

Runway does have a mobile app available on iOS and Android, but it seems to only provide access to a limited subset of Runway's AI creative tools, not the full capabilities offered through the web interface.